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ASRM Research Institute Grant Partner Highlight: The Maya's Wings Foundation

By Tonya Carey posted 03-02-2023 09:14

The Maya's Wings Foundation
The Maya's Wings Foundation: Pioneering Research and Support for IVF Pregnancies

The Maya’s Wings Foundation recognizes the unique challenges that individuals and families navigating infertility face, including the financial burden and emotional toll of IVF treatments. This non-profit organization is dedicated to improving the health outcomes of IVF-related pregnancies and eliminating preventable pregnancy loss for all. They focus on a multifactorial approach to optimizing IVF outcomes, which includes providing free up-to-date patient education materials, peer-led support resources for individuals and families navigating infertility and loss, and funding innovative research projects.

One of the key ways in which The Maya's Wings Foundation is making a difference is by supporting innovative research projects that provide insights into the causes, diagnosis, management, or pathogenesis of abnormal placentation in IVF-pregnancies. The foundation recognizes that IVF is less than 50 years old, and much of the research focus to date has been on increasing pregnancy rates; however, their mission is to improve long-term outcomes to promote healthy pregnancies for both the birth parent and fetus, improve live birth rate, and eliminate IVF-related complications.

To achieve these goals, The Maya's Wings Foundation partners with organizations like ASRM. Supporting research grant funding at ASRM is critical to the foundation's mission because it helps ensure that IVF technologies and protocols are constantly advancing. Maya's Wings is committed to working with ASRM to optimize long-term outcomes of IVF pregnancies, increase live birth rates, and eliminate IVF-related complications impacting children born using assisted reproductive technologies (ART).

Maya's Wings Foundation's vision and commitment to research align with the ASRM Research Institute, which is dedicated to advancing the field of reproductive medicine through innovative research, education, and advocacy. The foundation is proud to partner with ASRM and hopes to gain from the wealth of knowledge and guidance provided by the leaders in the field, as well as access to emerging researchers and clinicians.

To learn more about The Maya's Wings Foundation and the work they are doing, you can find them on Facebook @themayaswingsfoundation and also on Instagram @themayaswingsfoundation!