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Meet the ASRM Research Institute Advisory Committee

By Tonya Carey posted 06-10-2022 10:15

As the ASRM Research Institute moves into its next phase, we are proud to announce the formation of the Research Institute Advisory Committee. This advisory committee, established in December 2021, comes on the heels of the incredible work that the ASRM Research Task Force and the Strategic Research Steering Committee started back in 2017 and completed in 2019, with the development of the Research Blueprint and formation of the ASRM Research Institute. The new Research Institute Advisory Committee will work with ASRM leadership and staff to guide the robust research agenda that was outlined in the Research Blueprint.

“At the Institute’s core, we are committed to promoting and facilitating interdisciplinary research activities in the reproductive sciences that will lead to promising discoveries and next-generation reproductive care and health treatments. This is reflected in the ambitious research agenda that the ASRM Strategic Research Task Force and Strategic Steering Committee established from the beginning” says Dr. Chevis Shannon, Chief Education and Science Officer at ASRM. “We are thrilled to welcome this new team of leaders to the Research Institute. Their guidance and support will be a tremendous asset as we accelerate the ASRM research agenda.”

The ASRM Research Institute will continue to lead the way by providing the resources needed for pioneering research projects and programs in the field. Research funded through the Institute is changing the future of reproductive medicine through exploration, innovation, and discovery while also providing hope to the reproductive health community and the patients and families that we serve.

“The establishment of this advisory committee is just another step in the Research Institute’s mission” says Dr. Kyle Orwig, Chair of the Research Institute Advisory Committee. “The Research Institute has already had a remarkable impact in the field, and I look forward to serving alongside my colleagues in helping to guide ASRM through the next phase success.”

Meet the ASRM Research Institute Advisory Committee