SREI Young Investigator Award

REI Fellow's - Young Investigator Research Award


(Supported by an educational grant provided by Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Inc.)


The Society for Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (SREI) in partnership with the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) Research Institute invites submission of applications for its REI Fellow’s Young Investigator Research Award. The purpose of this grant is to support REI fellow-specific research in reproductive medicine and is made possible by an educational grant provided by Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Eligible applicants are M.D.s in 1st-year of REI fellowship at an accredited medical school in the United States. Applicants must demonstrate a strong career goal within the field of Reproductive Medicine. Applications should be focused on clinical or translational research related to the evaluation, treatment and management of reproductive health diagnoses and can include access to care, health disparities, or health services research. All sources of funding must be disclosed by the awardee.


Amount: $10,000     Number of Awards Available: Two (2)

Funds may be used for support of a new or ongoing research/clinical investigation project. (Selected finalists may be eligible for an ASRM-paid travel stipend to participate in Oral Presentations)

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Application must be submitted to in ONE PDF file by ______________ @ 11:59pm CST.

  • Notification of Finalists:
  • Finalists' Oral Presentations:
  • Selection of Award recipients:


  • Award recipients must present research findings at an ASRM Congress within two years of receiving the award.
  • Acknowledgement of support by SREI and ASRM in any publications, abstracts, manuscripts and/or presentations at scientific conferences or meetings resulting from the funded research.


 An application must include:
  1. Title page
    1. Title of the project (not to exceed 200 characters including spaces)
    2. Applicant’s name and credentials
    3. Applicant’s, department affiliation sponsoring institution, and contact information.
  2. Letters: Program Director letter (one page max) acknowledging the applicant’s project and grant proposal, endorsing the applicant’s research, and confirming the institution’s commitment to provide time and support to the applicant.
  3. Abstract (One page maximum)
    1. Scientific Abstract (500 words) describing the research proposal including the potential immediate impact of the anticipated results on the practice of reproductive medicine.
    2. Lay-person Abstract (200 words) describing the project in general terms
  4. Specific Aims of the research proposal presented in NIH format– (One page maximum).
  5. Research proposal (no more than three pages) including sections entitled: Background and Significance, Innovation and Potential Impact, Research Plan (methodology and statistical analysis plan must be clearly described) and Timeline. The proposal must be typed in Arial 11 pt. type. Human and/or animal use must be approved by the Institutional Review Board or Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, or their equivalent and documented before funds are released, but pre-approval is not required for application.
  6. NIH-style Biosketch. Each Biosketch should include a specific description of the role of each investigator in the proposed project and should not exceed FIVE pages (including the current funding).
  7. Budget: A detailed budget and budget justification for the project. Funds may not be used to support salary, the purchase of equipment, or degree seeking tuition of any kind. Funds, at a max of $1200, may be used for conference travel/registration to present final summary of findings at ASRM Congress. This grant does not cover sponsoring institution indirect costs.